Restoring Reverence

Memorializing those who lived, fought and died at the Alamo

Immediately following the reunification of the 1836 battlefield, steps were taken to remove 21st century distractions from the historic mission footprint to pay respect to all those who lived, fought, and died at the Alamo.

Already, the continuous protests, street preachers, and political gatherings have been moved to a more respectful area off the battlefield, allowing visitors to better understand and remember the enormous sacrifice the Defenders made.

As the Alamo Plan continues to be implemented, additional measures will be taken to continue to restore reverence and dignity to one of the most historic sites in Texas history.

alamo plaza
gathering area
City of San Antonio gathering area. The gathering area still provides a view of the Alamo Church, yet removes events and protests from the Alamo Battlefield.

Additionally, security measures have been increased, protecting the Alamo Church, Long Barrack, and visitors from potential threats to the Texas icon through the installation of security bollards.

Security Bollards

Security Bollards