Preserve the Last Remaining Structures

remaining structures

Today, these priceless historic buildings are crumbling before our very eyes. Rising damp from the limestone foundation has led to deterioration of the Alamo Church walls, causing pieces of the stone walls to flake off and crumble, accelerating the deterioration of the historic building.

The preservation and conservation of the sole remaining structures from the Battle of 1836 is our top priority. This is why we have brought in a world class team to preserve and conserve the two remaining buildings before they are lost completely.

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Construction of a world-class Museum and Visitor Center to honor the Shrine of Texas Liberty.

In the Summer of 2014, British rock star Phil Collins donated his priceless collection of Alamo and Texian artifacts to the General Land Office. The Phil Collins Texana Collection includes hundreds of items that Collins acquired over several decades, including artifacts, weapons, artwork and even original documents. As part of the restoration of the Alamo, work has begun to create a museum for these artifacts allowing us to tell the Alamo’s entire story, bigger and better than ever before.

In December of 2015, the General Land Office acquired the Woolworth, Crockett and Palace buildings across the street from the Alamo Church. A portion of these storefronts reside within the original footprint of the Alamo fortress built in 1724, as all three were built atop the former foundation of the fortress’s west wall. This section of the compound's wall included the headquarters where Lieutenant Colonel William B. Travis, Commander of the Alamo’s defenders, penned his famous letters calling for reinforcements in 1836. The new Alamo Museum and Visitors Center will be built in the location these three buildings currently occupy. At present, no final decision has been made regarding the incorporation of the existing buildings into the museum design. 

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