Restore The 1836 Battlefield Footprint

Allow visitors to learn about history where it happened, the way it happened

The Alamo sits at the heart of the City of San Antonio. As the once small town grew into a thriving city around the Alamo, portions of the historic 1836 Battlefield gave way to concrete and skyscrapers.

History tells us that there were once large stone walls that surrounded the Alamo battlefield, creating a frontier fortress. There were acequias to bring in water, a southern gate, lodgings for soldiers and a headquarters where Col. William Barret Travis wrote his famous letter calling for reinforcements. But today, the Alamo Church and Long Barrack are the only two buildings that remain from the battle in 1836. The rest has been lost to history, lost to the growth of San Antonio or simply lost all together.

Currently, when visitors approach Alamo Plaza many mistakenly assume that the Battle of 1836 was fought only inside the Alamo Church, due to the build up of the city around the historic structure. As cars pass by the Shrine of Texas Liberty, they drive across the 1836 battlefield, failing to recognize what exactly they are driving over.The Alamo Plan calls for the closure of Alamo Street from Commerce to Peacock Ally, and Houston from Losoya to 3rd St and Crockett from Alamo Street to Bonham serving to further delineate the battlefield and restore dignity and reverence to the sacred ground where the Alamo Defenders shed blood.

Alamo footprint

A modern day San Antonio built across the Alamo Battleground

Alamo footprint 2

The Alamo as it appeared during the siege