Black Paper Project

In 2016, the “black paper project” began.

The project aimed to quantify how much and how rapidly the original stones that make up the Alamo Church’s walls  is crumbling due to the effects of moisture  and other causes. Rising damp is a condition in which the stone walls  soak up moisture from below and the side, which can lead to internal damage and flaking

The concept of the “black paper project” is simple: Alamo staff laid black construction paper on the floor next to the walls throughout the Alamo Church, to capture and quantify how much stone and mortar falls from the walls. The movie below is a time lapse of the material falling to the floor spanning more than a year. Today, the black paper is almost completely covered by fallen limestone and mortar.

From 2016 through 2018, the  “black paper project” captured  68 pounds of masonry loss in the Sacristy and the Monks Burial Ground of the Church.

black paper
Stone and mortar falls from the walls.