Bandstand Removal and Relocation

Beginning Monday, April 27th, the city-owned bandstand located in the Alamo Plaza will be disassembled and relocated  in an effort to recapture and open the Alamo Battlefield so visitors can see the site as the Defenders once did.

The City of San Antonio owns the bandstand and is awaiting approval to reconstruct it in Hays Street Bridge  park.

As the bandstand is carefully disassembled, individual components of the bandstand will be cataloged and numbered prior to disassembly allowing the City to easily assemble  the bandstand at the new site.


The existing trees immediately surrounding the bandstand will be pruned under the supervision of a

certified arborist hired by the contractor. This work will also be performed in conjunction with the City of San Antonio Arborist. After the trees have been properly pruned, the contractor will begin an orchestrated, orderly, and systematic disassembly of the bandstand.


The roof consists of two separate structural elements, the upper roof itself (or hat) and the surrounding

lower roof canopy overhangs. Because these structural elements are independent of each other, they can be separated and transported to the new site more safely in smaller sections.

After a cut line is established at the joint where the upper top roof (or hat) meets the surrounding lower

roof canopies, the top section will be able to be safely lifted up utilizing a construction crane and carefully placed on a trailor for transportation to the new site. The lower roof canopy sections will be separated into eight smaller manageable sections that can be safely transported to the new site. The remaining wood columns and railings will be separated into smaller, more manageable sections that can be safely transported.

There are two existing bronze dedication plaques, commemorating the original construction and a more recent renovation that will be gently removed and given to the City of San Antonio Parks Department, in addition to the existing time capsule.

Alamo bandstand 1970

 Previous construction of the 1970 Alamo Plaza Bandstand

Alamo bandstand current

Current Alamo Plaza Bandstand

Bandstand History

The current bandstand is not the first in its location, but rather several in a series that have occupied Alamo Plaza over the years. Bandstands were originally designed to be “comfort stations,” created as two-story structures that provided public restrooms. Over time, the restrooms were closed due to maintenance issues, and the updated modules were built.

The current wooden bandstand was erected in 1976 as part of the bicentennial celebration and did not include underground restrooms as the previous versions did. The current bandstand was built to replicate a previous iteration of the bandstand built in 1890. Currently, the bandstand has excessive damage from water runoff and does not architecturally relate to the period of historical structures surrounding it. Learn more about the bandstand’s history in San Antonio here:

Centennial Bandstand Plaque

Centennial Bandstand Plaque

Alamo Plaza Bandstand Renovation Plaque

Alamo Plaza Bandstand Renovation Plaque