The Alamo Plan

The core principals of the Alamo Plan are:

For more information, read the August 2018 Alamo Plan Overview.

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Phase I of the Alamo Plan

“Phase I” of the Alamo Plan is a term used to identify a certain set of activities and outcomes that are expected to be complete by Fall of 2020. Included in Phase I are street closures around the Crockett and Menger Hotels, widening parts of Bonham St., landscape design architecture and lighting on the south end of Alamo Plaza from Crockett St. to the mall, and restoration of the Cenotaph. Click here for an overview of the companies working on Phase I.



Phase I News Archive

Section of Crockett Street Closing For Phase One Construction On 2/24

City of San Antonio Hosts Public Information Meeting to Discuss Alamo Plan Phase I Road Closures

Frequently Asked Questions (Click here for Printer Friendly Version)

Which streets will be closed?

The streets on the south and east sides of the Alamo Complex will be closed to vehicular traffic, specifically: Blum St and Alamo Plaza St in front of the Menger Hotel, E. Crockett from Alamo Plaza St. to Bonham Parts of Bonham St. will be closed for improvements and will reopen. A traffic study has been conducted, and we do not anticipate any significant impact to traffic flow as a result of closing these streets.

When will the street close?

The streets mentioned above will close shortly after the start of 2020.

Will there be emergency access?

Yes! Emergency vehicles will always be accommodated.

Will Fiesta parades change?

This phase of the Alamo Plan does not impact 2020 Fiesta Flambeau or Battle of the Flowers parade routes.
Where will the double decker tour buses and horse carriages park? The City of San Antonio is working with businesses who are impacted by this phase of the Alamo Plan.

Where will the taxis park?

The City of San Antonio is working with businesses who are impacted by this phase of the Alamo Plan.
Where will commercial loading be available? The City of San Antonio is working with businesses who are impacted by this phase of the Alamo Plan.

How will I get to the Menger Hotel?

The Menger Hotel will remain accessible to foot traffic at its main entrance, though pedestrians will be routed around construction areas. To reach the hotel by car, you may still arrive at the parking garage and valet entrance off E. Crockett.

What will happen to the bandstand in Alamo Plaza?

The City’s Parks & Recreation department is developing a plan to relocate the bandstand.

What will happen to the trees in Alamo Plaza?

There are a number of trees in the area of Alamo Plaza where work will begin. In late 2019, the City Arborist and local tree experts closely examined and assessed the health and expected longevity of all the trees. While the research is not yet complete, as of November 2019, the goal is to maintain or relocate as many of the trees as possible.

Will there be archaeology?

Archaeological monitoring and any necessary exploration will be conducted as needed through the duration of the project, just as with any city improvement project.

How will the Cenotaph be restored and repaired?

The process of restoration and conservation will occur onsite, in the Plaza in a protected but visible environment. The safest way to restore the Cenotaph is by carefully and expertly disassembling it piece-by-piece, allowing for the conservation of the individual stone elements and for repairs to address both exposed and potentially concealed damage, cracked stones, damaged anchors or spalled concrete. Without ever leaving Alamo Plaza, a team of engineers and materials scientists will clean, restore and conserve the marble and granite stones in a protected, but completely visible, environment to the public. The scientific process of conservation is a detailed, fascinating and critical one; saving the Cenotaph is a process we want the public to be part of.

Can I watch the restoration?

Yes! The restoration and conservation team will conduct their work in Alamo Plaza in a protected environment but one that is visible to onsite visitors. Additionally, we will share video and live feed of the work being done at for online visitors.

How long will the restoration process take?

Phase I of the Alamo Plan will be completed by Fall of 2020.

Will you add the names of the defenders who were not included?

There are 35 inaccuracies on the list of defenders today, and more than 10 defenders who aren’t even listed. We are working with interpretive experts on the best way to present an accurate list of known Alamo defenders, but at this time, it has not yet been determined how.