Preserving the Alamo

Quote from Alamo Master Planner, Dr. George Skarmeas, on the need to preserve the Alamo Church and Convento:

"The Church and the Convento are the most significant “artifacts” of the Alamo Historic Site.  Over the last five months, our Master Planning team with the aid of some of the world’s leading experts in conservation science and structural engineering, has identified significant issues associated with the condition of those iconic structures. In addition to developing our Master Plan recommendations, our No 1 priority is to make sound recommendations regarding their proper treatment, long term preservation and responsible stewardship.  As we reach certain conclusions on the condition of the buildings and their proper care, we will be proposing new, and possibly different, approaches to ensure that these treasures will be shared by future generations. This is an important early step in the master planning process and our quest in developing a sensible vision for the future, one that would celebrate the historic significance of this world recognized site."